Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wimbledon - Deadline or Deadline - Wimbledon

Well my daughter and I had a lovely day at Wimbledon on Monday despite the 6.30am start, we had centre court tickets so saw Federer, Sharapova -v- S Williams, Andy Murray and a mixed doubles match and after that then went up to Murray's mount to watch the rest of Nadal's match but before all of this we managed to get down to the practice courts and get some signatures, Nadal's in particular for all those fans out there!!

When the day was finally over at 9.40pm we then had to drive home :( which at least didnt take as long as the drive up (4 hours) and very arrogant drivers in London!

Whilst I was in London my new kit turned up, so despite being extremely tired, I started making samples for this weekend's demo but with the sun blazing outside it was very difficult to make Christmas Cards (yes I said Christmas!) but did manage some, but with the dilema that Wimbledon was also on the telly, so kept running back and forwards to see what was going on ....... unfortunately on Wednesday and Thursday I had to go back to work so now tomorrow (Fri) I have a major deadline to reach (gulp!) but also want to watch the men's finals ,so will have to get up early and get busy before the tennis starts - normally I love deadlines!

Anyway will try take some piccies and upload this weekend (I promise)

Helen x

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