Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wimbledon, Football & Glastonbury ....

Well I know I love Wimbledon but what with all the football and coverage of Glastonbury Festival I just don't know what to watch or follow.  The trouble is I start watching the football then switch to Wimbledon then Glastonbury and so on and then end up never knowing what the score is on anything or what I have missed - why do they do this to us, can't they spread it over more weeks as time is so precious as it is!

Well I am off to Wimbledon next week which I am really looking forward to plus I have several demos for July coming up, so patiently awaiting my kit before the panic sets in that my demo is next Saturday!

Plus I am really enjoying the nice weather and just hope it continues despite being at work and not being able to enjoy it to its full which hopefully I can do this weekend.

Anyway that'ts it for now hopefully will be back next week with some photos etc..


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