Monday, 25 March 2013


Well since the my last post I have been busy not only demonstrating for Do Crafts but also been busy making Poppies!

This originally started when a very good friend asked me if I could make her a poppy to wear rather than buying a paper one that gets all wet and soggy (she is still going to donate the money) but wanted to wear a beaded one instead.

So then my obsession started not only did I make one Poppy but ended up making 3 in different sizes and slightly different colours, so here they are for you to see the finished item and I hope you like the them!

4cm Poppy in Delica's - Flame Red on pin

5cm Poppy in Size 11's - Flame Red AB on brooch

 6cm Poppy in Size 8's - Opaque Red on pin

All three together!!!

Enjoy (orders can be taken if you would like one!)

Pattern pattern available at