Sunday, 22 August 2010

My Summer ..

Well what a summer we have had so far!

The first week didn't quite go as planned as Ashley was rushed into hospital in Norwich whilst on holiday with his grandparents with suspected Menigitis and we had to drive for over 5 hours to get there in the middle of the night arriving at the hospital at 3am, for them to eventually tell us that it was a really bad viral infection that mirrored Menigitis (stressful or what!!!) then we had a normal week everyone back at work and the kids safely at home (thank goodness).

The next week my mum was taken into hospital with chest pains and had to have another angiogram to see if a stent could be put in or not but it couldn't so they kept her in for a few days before discharging her.

Then I had to take Vanessa to Swansea for a tennis tournament and we arrived on the Monday afternoon in the pouring rain at our campsite which was lovely but on the side of a hill and we had to put our tent up in the torrential rain and the tent almost took off over the top of the car and it took us nearly 2 days to dry out completely.  The tournament eventually went really well despite her having three start times the first being 11.30am on the Tuesday morning and she finally played at 6.15pm that evening, the rest of the week finally got better as did the weather and she got through to the quarter finals which was really good as it was a 64 draw in U14 and 32 draw in U16.

Then last week was the first week of my holiday from work and I ferried Vanessa around to and from the Burnham on Sea tennis tournament, unfortunately she got knocked out in the first round on tie break but was able to take part in the Plate event where she managed to get through to the finals, the weather was better but still quite windy (where has our summer weather gone?), during this week at Burnham tennis Vanessa also celebrated her 13th birthday (oh no a teenager, now I have 2 of them - god help me!).

The weekend just gone Vanessa and I went and did some girly shopping whilst my husband and son went to the Bird Fair at Rutland Water and now we are back to another week off work and more tennis this time in Taunton.

So there goes my Summer and my two weeks off work have nearly come to an end already!!

Helen xx

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