Friday, 11 May 2012

I know my promise has been broken!

Well as I say unfortunately my promise has been broken as I never got round to posting once a week (maybe I should stick to once a month), I just don't know where the time goes and I haven't even started my full time job yet (that starts on Monday 14th May!

So what has been going on well I have been really busy trying to finish an Egyptian Collar for my mum's birthday, just need to add the clasp now and will then take a photo for all to see - basically it has taken me nearly 30 hours to complete around work, kids, house etc.
Today I have finally managed to set up and pay for driving lessons for my son to start on 1st June after his birthday and also sort out insurance, this is such a mine field and also found out that once he comes off his provisional licence we have to pay about another £1700 on top just because he has past his test (no wonder youngters can't afford cars these days - and have to rely on parents as either taxi services or banks!)
We have also been trying to arrange visits to various universities for him to see during June not to mention I have also got tickets to go to Wimbledon again this year (hooray) and I have also spent a lot of time visiting various hospitals for them to keep referring me to another consultant so that they can try to work out what is wrong with my wrist, fingers and leg - at least my MRI and neurological tests came back as normal - just more waiting again until the next appointment - good job I am patient (although getting close to losing it!)
And finally to cheer myself up I treated myself to some more seed beads (total addiction now!)

Anyway here are some of my demo cards for May/June
New Wellington Range

New Michael Powell stamp
New Lucy Cromwell decoupage range

Thanks for looking