Friday, 21 October 2011

My new craft room

This is just a very quick post so that I can show you all my new craft room that has been delivered this morning!

I know its flat packed but I am waiting patiently for my husband to get a concrete base down which hopefully will happen in next week or so and then it can be put together ready for insulation, heating, lighting etc before I can finally move in.

I hope to post on here every step of the way, so watch out for more to come!

Thanks for following x

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Name needed for Jewellery Business

I need a name for my jewellery business - suggestions so far:

Bijoux Beads (already taken unfortunately)
Brill Beads
Pretty Shiny Things
Beads n More (again already gone)
Knot Just Beads
Beads on a Shoestring

Any other suggestions or ideas would be gratefully be received by all my creative friends

Sunday, 9 October 2011

I've been slacking here again...

I just can't believe where the time goes I know I have been struggling with my internet connection recently apart from that on my phone but can't blog from that, so I apologise for not uploading some of my demo projects for Sept/Oct but hopefully you will have seen most of them through my Docrafts Gallery.

Also I have really got into beading recently so need to take some photos and get those uploaded as well especially the new beads that I bought last weekend at the Bead Show in Cardiff.

So some of my favourites are below