Friday, 10 June 2011

Son's last day at Secondary School

Well it was my son's last day of official secondary school today and he is off out tonight partying with his friends (in the rain I hasten to add!)

It only seems like yesterday that he was starting at secondary school and now all his GCSE's are done as well as one A level a year early and now he has 14 weeks off before he starts 6th Form in September!

Hopefully he has done will in his exams and now I can leave him loads of jobs to do around the house unless he gets the job he interviewed for last week!

Friday, 3 June 2011

My baby turned 16 on Monday!

Well I can't believe that my baby has turned 16 where did all those years go? It only seems like yesterday that he was toddling around and now he's all grown up.

For his birthday we went paintballing (yes including me and I have loads of bruises to prove it!)

He's the one in the middle!

Demo details
My next demo for Do Crafts is at Carole's Crafts in Cardiff tomorrow, 4th June and I am looking forward to seeing some new faces and hopefully some familiar ones too.  Sounds like I will be glass painting most of the day plus obviously showing off the new Tatty Teddy and Tulip products.  The store will be taking orders for any products that are not available, so make sure you have your money ready.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Argggggghhhhh blogging

I have been having all sorts of problems with my blog and now I can't seem to get onto my dashboard at all sometimes I wonder why I bother and then I remember I am trying to keep everyone updated with my ongoings. I will keep trying but please bear with me.