Tuesday, 18 November 2008

You'll never believe...... because I didn't!!

Well last week I received a phone call to say that I had won a competition through Personal Impressions and could they check my address, which I duly did and then hung up and afterwards, thought oh no I forgot to ask what I had won!!!! Then as usual really, really busy and completely forgot all about it until a Royal Mail van pulled up onto my driveway and I thought I'm not expecting anything and don't have any demos coming up, so it can be that, they must have the wrong house! But to my greatest surprise it was a big parcel for me. So hurried inside and opened the same only to find that it was my prize from Personal Impression and you will never guess what it was................................................... well I better tell you because I couldn't believe it either! A silhouetee digital die cutting machine together with 4 packs of paper, 90 designs and fonts plus a voucher to download more!!!!! - well I couldn't believe it, nor can you I expect. Anyway I am going to have to have a tidy up of my desk in order that I can fit the same on and then attach it to the computer, so that I can play hopefully this weekend. Will let you know how it goes!! I still can't believe I won, as I never win anything ever!!! Helen

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